Lee Bowyer Receives Blow Ahead Of The Season Restart

Charlton are currently free falling on hard times with the takeover news moving like a merry go round and no reason to suspect a takeover will be done by tomorrow as the wages will need to be paid by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, since the Coronavirus came in many football players will be refusing to go into training and three at Charlton have told manager Lee Bowyer they will not be turning up to training at least until the Coronavirus sorts itself out.

We don’t know who these names are just yet, however it is a blow for Bowyer even if he doesn’t see it yet, we need every man we can get, but obviously, you can’t put a price on peoples lives and I fully understand those three players’ decision to not to up to training.

Bowyer spoke with BBC Sport after hearing the news that three of his players won’t be turning up and here is what he had to say


“I met the players on Saturday before we’d done our first test and I asked them all individually ‘it’s your choice, do you want to come back and play the remainder of the season?’

“I’ve asked every single player and I said ‘there’s no pressure, it’s your choice’.

“All but three have said yes, so that’s a good number for me.

“I understand everyone has got different circumstances, of course I’d rather everybody came back because the more players you’ve got, the bigger squad you’ve got and the more chance of winning games, but that isn’t the case and we’ll have to adapt.

“I’m sure there’s other players at other teams that have also said ‘no’.”

It is going to a regular occurrence having people not turn up to training in the next few weeks or months, but lets this deadly virus suppresses itself soon.

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